The instrument - coating thickness gauge which needs to be used in coating thickness test

2017-07-24 18:03:43 Shandong iPRE Detection Technology Co.,Ltd

The instrument - coating thickness gauge which needs to be used in coating thickness test

In industry, many metal parts are coated or coated to obtain special surface properties, such as corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and beautification. These coatings are prepared by 

different methods, the most important of which are electroplating, hot dip plating, coating and spraying. In order to control the deposition thickness and detection, a reliable and fast method  for measuring coating is required.

The method of measuring coatings has a lot of, including mechanical, optical, magnetic method, X-ray method, electromagnetic method and radiation technology, although these methods have great  fold, but also has its own application scope, today we are going to know about the paint coating thickness of eddy current testing.

The coating thickness gauge of eddy current testing in our company: CT210 coating thickness gauge

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Our coating thickness tester eddy current testing is applicable to the following four types of coating and substrate material combinations 

1. Not conductive sheet metal or metal coatings on the substrate material, such as glass, ceramic or plastic on the metal film layer;

2. Metal coating with higher conductivity on the base metal.Such as copper, zinc or cadmium on steel and pure aluminum on aluminum;

3. Metal coating with low conductivity on the base metal, such as the nickel layer on aluminum

4. Non-conductive coatings on metal matrix, such as anodized film or paint layer on aluminum, or other organic coatings on metal materials.

Eddy current testing, as one of the five conventional detection method, is widely applied in the steel industry, in addition to the thickness measurement, also used for structure fatigue crack in the identification of inspection, material composition and content of impurities, heat treatment state, many aspects, such as the identification of especially for pipe, bar and wire rod profile has high detection effect.

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