How to choose a surface roughness tester?

2017-12-14 15:14:41 Shandong iPRE Detection Technology Co.,Ltd

Roughness meter is also called surface roughness meter surface roughness tester roughness meter roughness tester and other names.

Roughness meter nearly two years in the domestic production of our company share rising quickly, grab a certain market share of our company is to make industrial intelligent testing instrument production operators, set up the testing industry benchmarking unremitting efforts in the following science sharp small make up classification of roughness tester is analysed for you: from the measuring principle is divided into two main categories: contact and non-contact, contact roughness meter mainly host and sensors in the form of non-contact roughness meter mainly optical principles such as laser surface roughness measurement convenience on classification can be divided into: pocket surface roughness meter handheld roughness meter (representative products include PRSR200 handheld roughness meter PRSR210 roughness meter PRSR110 roughness tester and models) portable roughness meter desktop roughness meter.

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