Do you know the main functions of the roughness meter ?

2017-08-01 11:19:31 Shandong iPRE Detection Technology Co.,Ltd

Do you know the main functions of the roughness meter ?

The roughness meter is a self-produced instrument from ipre.

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Roughness tester can be widely used in production field. It can measure a variety of surface roughness of machined parts.According to the measurement conditions to calculate the corresponding parameters of selected on the liquid.

Ipre roughness tester has a LED crystal display ,clearly showed all the measured parameters.When measuring the surface roughness of workpieces, put the sensors on the workpiece surface to be tested, by instrument internal drive mechanism drive the sensor do constant speed glide along the surface to be tested,.Sharp sensor through the built-in stylus feel the measured surface roughness,.The workpiece is measured by the probe caused by the roughness of the surface displacement, the displacement of the sensor of the inductance coil inductance changes, thus in the output of the phase-sensitive rectifier and measured surface roughness into analog signals than columns, the signals are amplified and level after conversion into the data acquisition system, DSP chip will be data collected by digital filtering and parameter calculation, measurement results in LCD display, can communication with a PC, at the same time for data analysis and printing.

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