Do you know what does the ultrasonic thickness meter works

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Everyone knows ultrasonic thickness meter is used to measure the coating thickness instrument, also can see from the literal its principle is to use the principle of ultrasonic wave, then you know how it works?Ultrasonic thickness meter is based on the principle of the ultrasonic pulse reflection for thickness measurement, when the launch of the ultrasonic pulse probe through the material object to be tested interface, the pulse is reflected back to the probe, through the accurate measurement of ultrasonic wave propagation in the material time to determine the thickness of the material being tested.This principle can be used to measure all kinds of materials that can be propagated internally at a constant speed.According to the principle of the design of the thickness gauge can accurately measure about all kinds of plates and all kinds of machining parts, can be all kinds of pipeline and pressure vessel in the production equipment to monitor, monitor them in the process of using the degree of corrosion after thinning.Can be widely used in oil, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace and other fields.

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Techniques for using ultrasonic thickness gauges in use:

1. General measurement methods:

(1) in a place with a probe for two thickness, the two split face to each other in measuring probe 90 °, measured the thickness of the workpiece is a smaller value.

(2) 30mm multi-point measurement method: when the measured value is unstable, a measuring point is the center, and the measurement is carried out in a circle with a diameter of about 30mm, and the minimum value is the thickness value of the measured workpiece.

2. Accurate measurement method: increase the number of measurements around the specified measuring points, and the thickness change is indicated by the thickness line.

3. Continuous measurement: the single-point measurement method is continuously measured along the specified route, and the interval is not greater than 5mm.

4. Grid measurement method: the grid is drawn in the designated area and the thickness record is measured by point.This method is widely used in the corrosion monitoring of high pressure equipment and stainless steel lining.

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