How can you improve the accuracy of ultrasonic thickness meter?

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So how to improve the accuracy of ultrasonic thickness meter: pay attention to when using ultrasonic thickness meter steps to the operation of the instrument and to use skills, can greatly increase the service life of the ultrasonic thickness meter and the accuracy of measurement.

Today, we will introduce the ultrasonic thickness gauge of CT210 as an example.

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1: impact CT200 ultrasonic thickness gauge measurement precision note: workpiece surface roughness is too large, probe and interface coupling effect is poor, low echo, and even can't receive the echo signal.For surface rust, and coupling effect is poor equipment and pipelines in service through sand, grinding, cutting method for surface treatment, such as lower roughness, oxide layer and paint can be removed at the same time, with metallic luster, make the probe and were seized by the coupling agent can achieve very good coupling effect.

2: the curvature radius of the workpiece is too small, especially when the path tube is thick, because the surface of the probe surface is the plane, and contact with the surface is the point contact or line contact, the sound transmission rate is low (coupling bad).The small diameter special probe (< 6mm) can be used to accurately measure the surface materials such as pipes.

3: the detection surface is not parallel to the base surface, and the sound waves are scattering from the bottom surface, and the probe cannot accept the signal.

4: austenitic steel castings, due to uneven or coarse grains, in which ultrasonic through severe scattering attenuation, scattering of ultrasonic wave propagation along the path of complex, has the potential to echo annihilation, cause is not shown.A special probe (2.5mhz) can be used with low frequency.

5: the probe contact surface has certain wear.It is commonly used to measure the surface of propylene resin. The long-term use will increase the surface roughness, resulting in the decrease of sensitivity, resulting in the incorrect display.The 500 # sandpaper can be used to smooth and ensure the parallelism.If it is still unstable, consider replacing the probe.

6: there are a lot of corrosion pits on the back of the measured objects.Because the other side of the subject has rust spot and corrosion pit, causing sound wave attenuation, the reading has no rule change, and in the extreme case there is no reading.

7: the measured object (such as the pipe) contains sediment. When the sediment is not very different from the acoustic impedance of the workpiece, the thickness of the thickness gauge is the thickness of the thickness of the sediment.


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