How to test the coated pipe with a ultrasonic thickness gauge?

2017-08-16 09:32:57 Shandong iPRE Detection Technology Co.,Ltd

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The PRUT600 ultrasonic thickness gauge automatically adjusts the setting of the thickness gauge while transmitting the identification data, and the perfect matching of the probe and instrument makes the instrument performance superior.In addition, AMVS (automatic measurement verification system) ensures that only the correct measurements are displayed, especially when measuring severely corroded metals.Its biggest characteristic is: can accurately measure belt coating (anticorrosive layer) thickness value up to 20mm thick, it is the function that no one can compare at present.The special design of the coat and the triple echo function that makes the measurement completely uncoated, the PRUT600 ultrasonic thickness gauge is your ideal choice.

PRUT600 ultrasonic thickness gauge is a simple and robust ultrasonic thickness gauge which can satisfy the most application of thickness measurement.The keyboard is simple and convenient, and the bright LCD screen can be applied to any lighting environment.Soft rubber shell feels comfortable, good appearance can prevent collision and scratches effectively.

The ultrasonic thickness gauge of PRUT600 shall be calibrated according to the sound speed of the measured material.The sound velocity in the coating is different from that of the metal, and the thickness of the coating must be removed in the measurement.Three waves can remove all the coating effects in the measurement.

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