Ipre acquire the "shandong province intellectual property demonstration enterprise title

2018-01-19 09:48:01 Shandong iPRE Detection Technology Co.,Ltd


As a high-tech enterprise mainly based on independent research and development, science and technology has maintained its accumulation and investment in technological innovation since its establishment. Has achieved 4 invention patents, utility model patents, 9 2 patents of appearance, four software copyright and two provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal, including "the research and application of high-precision ultrasonic thickness meter" project for science and technology progress prize of weifang. In April, 2017, the company won the "certificate of intellectual property management system certification" through intellectual property rights. Science in sharp always adhere to the intellectual property rights as the core, to speed up the 

transformation of technological achievements to real productivity market there are 24 smart instrumentation, 7 pilot in a measuring instrument, started the industry "" mobile intelligent testing instrument + cloud services" business model, continue to maintain industry leading advantage.The winning prize 2017 provincial intellectual property rights exemplary enterprises, not only reveals the science popularization in sharp, certain effect has been made in the work of intellectual property is strengthened in popular science sharp coming in a new round of technological change, using the intellectual property rights to participate in the competition, trying to seize market confidence. It will also give full play to the leading role of intellectual property demonstration enterprises, strengthen the protection and application of intellectual property rights, and help promote the construction of strong intellectual property rights.

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