New arrival - Metal mirror processing equipment improvement of surface roughness

2017-08-28 11:07:06 Shandong iPRE Detection Technology Co.,Ltd

The surface of the mould can be achieved by a metal mirror processing device (the surface roughness Ra value is 0.2 ~ 0.05 mu m).

The processing process is efficient, environmental protection and safety, and does not require traditional sandpaper, abrasive paste, volatile solvent, etc.

The microhardness of mould surface increased by more than 20%.

The wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the die are increased by more than 50%.

The fatigue life of the die can be extended several times.


On the machine tool, using ordinary cutting tool and machining size will be basically in place, reoccupy metal mirror machining equipment of the tool instead of the original ordinary tool again, can make the processed workpiece surface finish raising level 3 above (roughness Ra value can reach 0.2 below); Surface microhardness increases by more than 20%; The surface abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of workpiece are greatly improved. Leave the grinding machine, rolling, grinding head, abrasive belt...


Besides the improvement of surface roughness, the service life and surface corrosion resistance are greatly improved.To realize the automobile mill, automobile mill, reduce the process, reduce cost, energy conservation and environmental protection, high energy efficiency;Less than a kilowatt hour of electricity per hour;

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