The 720P HD endoscope

2018-03-14 09:15:24 Shandong iPRE Detection Technology Co.,Ltd

product introduction:

The 720P HD endoscope, with a high-resolution camera and high resolution touch screen, makes it clearer and more subtle. Adopts electric servo control method, precise and flexible operation, and micro adjustment function, is widely used in automotive engine carbon, steel pipes, castings, container internal defect detection, aerospace, electric power, industrial, police, civil and other fields.

Product features:

l  Host and deep tube using a handheld integration design, carry, easy to use;

l  Selects megapixels HD camera, image quality is more clear and true;

l  Host choose 7 inch HD touch color display;

l  Deep tube using the tungsten wire net, more corrosion wear;

l  High brightness LED lighting, brightness can be step less adjustment.

l  Chassis adopts metal materials, and is equipped with a grounding terminal, anti-static interference function;

l  Host operating software can realize the function such as pictures, video, browse, delete;

l  Equipped with straps, convenient to use.


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