The factors which affecting the quality of metal surface roughness processing in petroleum

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The factors which affecting the quality of metal surface roughness  processing in petroleum

Oil companies to use the machine its service life and the quality of mechanical parts have a great relationship, the stand or fall of mechanical parts for machinery is very important, and quality and the service life of mechanical parts depends on the quality of metal surface processing, mechanical so this article discusses the effect of mechanical metal surface processing quality in the petroleum enterprise factors to analysis to master these factors to improve the mechanical processing surface quality, improve the mechanical performance of purpose.

After machining of parts surface can't be perfect, ideal wear and the surface of the notch, the machining tools due to different processing methods and use different leads to mechanical processing surface quality, on the surface of parts with different degree of metallographic microstructure, residual stress, cold work hardening is inevitable defects such as, rough, the defects in the process of long-term use can affect not only parts of the fatigue strength, wear resistance, can also affect the corrosion resistance of parts and cooperate with each other.

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