The main function of PRUF180 ultrasonic detector

2017-12-25 16:12:33 Shandong iPRE Detection Technology Co.,Ltd

Data collection:

U hardware real-time sampling: 10 AD converters, sampling speed of 100M SPS, hardware real-time sampling, waveform height fidelity, and hardware interpolation can reach 400 Msps

U detection mode: positive half wave, negative half wave, full wave, radio frequency detection

Gate reading: single gate and double gate reading mode can be selected;The peak value reading and edge detection can be selected

U gain: 0-110db, minimum gain adjustment of 0.2 dB, unique full-automatic gain adjustment and scanning gain function.

Detection function

U wave peak memory: real-time retrieval of defect maximum wave, record defect maximum

U Φ terms: straight probe after forging defects detection for the takanami automatic calculation, display defect equivalent size

U defect location: real-time display defect level, depth (vertical), acoustic path location

U defect ration: the defect equivalent dB value is displayed in real time

The defect of u is qualitative: through the echo envelope waveform, it is convenient to judge by manual experience

U door wide: enlarge echo detail and facilitate echo analysis

U dynamic recording: detection of real-time dynamic recording waveform, storage, playback

U waveform freeze: freeze the waveform displayed on the screen for defect analysis

U built-in standard: free to set up the technical standards of various industries

U echo code: input workpiece thickness, the instrument can generate different background colors according to the region of wave and secondary waves.

Working method: straight probe, oblique probe, double crystal probe, penetrating inspection

Gate alarm:

U door position, door width, height arbitrary adjustable;B gate can be chosen to set the alarm or alarm of the alarm;

Data is stored

U has 200 sets of flaw detection parameters, which can be adjusted to the combination parameters of all kinds of probes and instruments in advance, and set up the standards for the inspection of various industries.

U can store more than 10,000 echo signals and parameters, and realize storage, read-out and transmission via USB.

U can store at least 100 real-time detection small video (real-time detection waveform)

U built-in Micro SD card, maximum support to 32GB.

Real time clock

Real-time detection date, time tracking record, and record storage.

Communication interface

USB HS OTG, which can communicate with PC, can easily access USB flash drive, Max communication rate is 480Mbps.

Extensible wireless module.

The battery module

High capacity lithium battery module (4 * 2600mAh), two charging methods for charging and offline charging, which can be used by defers.


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