The new support for wireless bluetooth communication in the roughness meter achieves high precision measurement

2017-12-22 09:56:17 Shandong iPRE Detection Technology Co.,Ltd

Our company's main roughness meter, ultrasonic flaw detector, Richter scale and other products.The PRSR210 roughness meter can be connected to the computer by USB, and it can be controlled by the roughness meter software PRRSURF1.0 on the computer, and the measurement results are displayed in real time.After the PRSR210 roughness meter, the new pad roughness meter can realize and meet more needs of customers and measure more intelligence.Our company is gradually building industrial intelligent detection instrument pilot

The device only has power to start the key, no other complicated key, support lithium battery charge.Support for other auxiliary measuring clamping devices such as magnetic gauge pedestal and mechanical arm.Compatible with standard sensor, hole sensor, groove sensor, deep slot sensor.Small instrument body, suitable for more measurement conditions.

Flat side: using bluetooth 4.0 wireless communication technology, the super low power consumption, small capacity battery can work long hours, measuring parameters, the measurement results and waveforms, needle instrument with screen, be clear at a glance.Photo recording on site measuring condition, up to 9 photos.A key measurement, the data result automatic transmission statistics display, the measurement waveform can be amplified to reduce the display, special location click to display separately.Instrument bluetooth signal, instrument battery state display.

The measurement results delete function, data is retrieved by time, single measurement results are exported word report, multiple measurement results table statistics and export functions, complete data editing and statistical function.Humanized calibration function.Travel, measuring range, measuring standard, unit and other function touch screen conversion.Provide video help for customers' actual needs, recommend industry measurement methods and operating conditions, and update information in the cloud.

TAG:   The new support for wireless bluetooth communication in the roughness meter achieves high precision measurement