The wide application of roughness meter

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The wide application of roughness meter

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Roughness meter is also called surface roughness tester. It has many names such as surface finish meter, surface roughness measuring instrument, roughness measuring instrument, Profilometer, roughness tester and so on.It has the characteristics of high measurement precision, easy to carry, wide measuring range, stable operation and easy operation, etc., which can be widely used in the inspection of various metal and non-metal processing surfaces.

Roughness meter application field:

1#Machinery processing manufacturing, mainly metal processing and manufacturing.The roughness meter was originally produced to detect the surface roughness of machining parts.In particular, the stylus roughness measuring instrument is suitable for the detection of hard metal surface.Auto parts processing manufacturing, machinery parts processing manufacturing, etc.As long as the surface quality of the workpiece is involved in these processing and manufacturing industries, it is necessary to detect the roughness meter.

2#Non-metallic processing manufacturing industry, with the progress and development of science and technology, more and more new materials applied to the processing technology, such as ceramics, plastics, polyethylene, and so on, now some bearing is made of special ceramic materials processing, and pump valve is made use of polyethylene materials processing.These materials are hard and some applications can replace metal materials to make workpieces. They also need to detect the surface roughness during the production process.

3#As roughness meter technology and continuously strengthen and improve the function, as well as the further promotion and application, was found to be more and more industry demand roughness detection, in addition to the mechanical processing and manufacturing, electric power, communications, electronics, such as switch coupling, integrated circuits, semiconductor, etc in the process of production and processing of roughness is also need to assess, in People's Daily life and even the use of stationery, tableware, human teeth surface roughness of the surface are used.

4#Auto manufacturing and spare parts processing.


5#Mechanical parts processing and mechanical transmission device components include: bearings, fasteners, stamping parts, a screw bolt, the gear and rack, the CAM system, coupling, clutch, hydraulic machinery, motor, speed reducer, micro &special motor.


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