Yinjianhua was selected as the leading talent in taishan industry

2018-01-16 09:17:13 Shandong iPRE Detection Technology Co.,Ltd

Last week,Yinjianhua(presodent of ipre) wassuccessful selected in 'Taishan Industry Leader talents'.

At present, domestic testing instrument manufacturers are limited to traditional detection equipment production, lack of mobile Internet intelligent concept and online/offline platform services. In view of traditional testing instruments "to survive in the cracks of the status quo," jian-hua Yin founded in 2013 in shandong science sharpness detection technology co., LTD., combines the traditional industrial instrumentation and mobile terminals, intelligent. Company's products, intelligent, digital and networked to extension through the instrument data processing, storage and display ability of improving the user experience, so as to get rid of the homogeneity of the industry competition, at the same time to break the status quo of high-end instrument for a long time dependence on imported.


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