digital film thickness gauge

2017-09-27 15:33:46 Shandong iPRE Detection Technology Co.,Ltd

ipre digital film thickness gauge



1.Integrated with magnetic-induction probe (F) and eddy current probe (N), switch to the suitable probe automatically according to the material to be measured.

2.Digital LCD display(1.9inch×1.46inch) with backlight .

3.4 statistical data can be displayed: Mean, Max, Min,Sdev.

4.500 groups of data memory.

5.High precision.

6.Anti slip & portable design, easy to carry.

7.Measure accurately on smooth, rough, thin and curved surfaces.

8.Magnetic induction probe (F) is to measure the thickness of Non-magnetic coating on magnetic substrate.Eddy current probe (N) is to measure the thickness of non-conductive coating on non-magnetic metal substrate.

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