iPRE Cylindricity Measuring Instrument PRCR421

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   Methods that can be applied to the measurement of cylindricity directly on the machine tool belong to the above-mentioned reference methods. The cylindricity deviation consists of a roundness deviation in various sections of a workpiece, relative change of its diameter and non-centricity of roundness profiles in relation to the nominal axis of the workpiece. The reference methods applied currently allow the measurement of roundness profiles in relation to fixed points of support in various cross-sections of the measured workpiece [10, 11, 12]. It is also possible to evaluate the relative difference of diameters. In traditional reference measuring systems, on the other hand, we cannot measure the non-centricity of profiles. That is why the authors proposed developing the reference measuring system for the measurement of cylindricity consisting of two connected sets of points of support, in relation to which the measuring sensor would move along precisely constructed shears

1.With the measurement ability of Angle, height, distance and small arc, the polar coordinates and rectangular coordinates are perfectly combined.

2.New throttle design to make sure a accurate rotation precision; loading capacity can be 100KG.

3.The system adopts closed-loop control and has high resolution grating feedback on each axis.

4.Mainstream software engineering model, easy operation.

5.Cylindrical 3D display and  arbitrary rotation , to see the wispy surface directly.

6.The actual location information of each axis can be displayed in time so that users can view the accurate location of the instrument .

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