Ultrasonic Flaw Detector PRFD700

Model No.: PRFD700
Dimensions (mm):
Weight: 1.28Kg (with battery)
Warranty: 12/months

Standard Delivery

Main Unit (with built-in rechargeable battery) /Adaptor/ Power Line / Normal Probe / Angel Beam probe   



Small dimension, lightweight, portable, fully-sealed, highly-reliable design especially suitable for working outdoorsAutomatic gain and search memory

High-speed USB interface allows data storage on USB drive and PC communication. To interface with a mouse to secure accurate analysis on report with A-scan

LAN port allows remote data transfer and management. It provides management to instrument parameters when the instrument is used as independent square wave pulser

High performance square wave pulser with tuning option allows the operator to tune the pulse width of the square wave pulser to optimize transducer performance. This maximizes signal-to-noise and penetration in difficult materials such as highly-attenuated materials or thin work-pieces

Multi-software functions to meet all inspection needs, unique keypad organization and rotary knob operation, user-friendly design for menu, English/Chinese language menu options, English/Chinese input and edit functions make the inspection much easier

Automatically test the transducer frequency, tune the pulse width of square wave pulse to optimize transducer performance

Automatically calibrate instrument specifications and search the peak value

Thickness alarm function, continuous storage function of waveform and various measurement modes of waveforms

Bright, high resolution (640×480) color TFT display realizing the best measurement result in similar products

 Main Technical Specifications


Pulse  Square Wave Pulser, Transmitter Pulse Voltage: 25 ~ 400V, continuously

 Test Modes

Pulse echo and dual transmission


400, 80 Ohm


 0.4 ~ 20MHz. Broadband / narrowband optional


  0.0~ 120.0dB. Steps as 0.1, 1.0, 2.0, 6.0 dB

Material Velocity 

1000 ~ 15000m/s continuously adjustable. 30 common material velocities selectable


  0~ 8000mm longitudinal wave at steel velocity. Range continuously variable with minimum 0.1mm increments


  Positive halfwave, negative halfwave, full wave, RF


  Real-time alarm signal indicated by horn or LED indicator.


5.7"  high-brightness TFT color LCD

Pulse Shift

  -20 ~ 3000μs

Probe Zero Offset

   0 ~ 999.9μs

 Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) 

25 ~ 1000Hz, auto and manual adjustment modes optional

Vertical Linearity Accuracy


Horizontal Linearity Accuracy


 Surplus Sensitivity

  ≥62dB (200Ф2 flat bottom hole)



Dynamic Range


 Reject (suppression)

  0 ~ 90%

 Electric Noise Level 



C6 transducer connections, USB HOST, LAN, RF OUT, Two-dimensional encoder interface

 Power Supply 

Large-capacity Li Battery, no memory effect; Battery Operating time: More than 6 hours

 Environmental Temperature

  -30 ~ 50℃

 Relative Humidity

  20% ~ 95%RH


  1.28Kg (with battery)


Standard Delivery

Main Unit (with built-in rechargeable battery)    

1 pc


1 pc

Power Line   

1 pc

Normal Probe   

1 pc

Angel Beam probe   

1 pc

Instrument Pack

1 pc

Probe Cable

1 pc

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